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The Floor Coatings Industry is Growing!

Jump into the lucrative and rewarding world of floor coatings by starting your own business! Not only will you see direct financial benefits, but also a huge sense of satisfaction from creating beautiful finished products for customers.

In a world filled with home improvements and DIY, you may be wondering if this is the best industry to start a business in. Yet, in 2022 it was reported that floor coatings was a 323 million-dollar industry with an expected annual growth rate of 4.9% from 2023 to 2030. We also know only 2% of the garage floors in the U.S. are coated, which leaves you with a lot of opportunity. So, whether you are thinking about starting a new business or expanding your current one, it’s safe to say that the floor coatings industry is a good bet. 

Make your investment count today by choosing floor coatings as your next venture.

Man installing concrete coatings flooring.
Installation of concrete coating.

What is Polyurea?

Epoxy floor coatings may have a certain level of name recognition, but, if you’re serious about flooring performance, Polyurea is really where it’s at. Boasting the highest level of durability and the fastest cure time around, this floor coating offers low VOC with formulas specifically designed for different climates. So whatever region you live in, rest assured that your floor coating has been carefully formulated to provide maximum flooring protection and performance for your customers – something you just can’t get with those old-school epoxies. 

Polyurea is an oil-based chemical that has immense flexibility. After the surface has been made porous by diamond grinding or shot blasting, polyurea is applied and bonds deep within the substrate. This creates a superiorly strong adhesion. The oil-based flexibility allows the concrete to move throughout the freeze-thaw cycle of the seasons without chipping or breaking. Now that’s what we call “Floor-tastic”

Hand painting concrete flooring.

Opportunities Are Endless With Floor Coatings!

There are many reasons and places to coat your clients’ floors around their homes and businesses. Many focus on durability for high-traffic areas, while others are concerned with adding aesthetics to a space. Common areas that are perfect for floor coatings include:

Garage Floor

Finished or unfinished basement floors


Laundry Rooms

Home Gym

Pool deck flooring

Backyard patio


Front steps









Storage Units